Tauzher, Slovenia, Karst


The Artist

Click to enlargeIt is unknown when exactly when the Vlkova farm was built. It has been enrolled in the cadastre of real estate since 1605. From historical records it is known that German family Tauzher emigrated to Kreplje from Bavaria somewhere in the 14th or 15th century.

The Place

The Village Kreplje is located at 300 meters above the sea level, on the limestone Karst Plateau, between the Gulf of Trieste and Vipava valley. So far, the first known mention of the village dates back to around the year of 1200.

Philosophies, Ideas & Practices

I use the knowledge and experience of my ancestors when I cultivate the grapes into wine. My father taught me how to make wine, his father taught him, etc.


The whole process of wine making is carried throughout the year. It is necessary to start in vineyards with the proper care of vines: green cover, reducing the production of the grapes, manually removing superfluous leaves around the grapes, the extension of the grape ripening on the vine, of course it is also necessary to have good natural conditions for a good harvest - plenty of rain and sun and beautiful, dry and sunny autumn, lead us to the beautiful ripe grapes. The grape pickers also have to do their work properly – they have to remove not mature or weak grapes.

Useful Information

We don't have our website, but our wines have already been mentioned in some magazines and newspapers. Let me mention just a few articles:
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About 15 years ago I won a gold medal for Teran at the fair of Gornja Radgona. Since then, I have not participated in competitions, because we have decided to present our wine on the minor and major wine festivals. So we attend festivals such as: VinNatur in Vicenza, Vini Verona in Verona, Orange wine in Vienna, Malvasia- rare taste of the Mediterranean in Izola, Vitovska and the sea at the castle Devin in Italy and others. Furthermore we present our wine in the domestic traditional Festival of Teran and prosciutto in Dutovlje which takes place every year.


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